Feldenkrais® Dynamic Sitting Classes | Wellington

Class Details

Friday Lunchtime Classes: 12.15pm – 12.45pm.
First class for 2017: 10th February

Location: Ranchhod Tower, Level 10, 39 The Terrace, Wellington. (Lift access is available via Lambton Quay).

Type of Class: Lessons primarily focusing on improving your sitting-based habits.

Length of Class: 30 mins, held weekly throughout the year.

Attendance Options: Come on a casual basis.
Cost: $10/class, bookings essential.

Overview of the Course

Are you seeking relief from OOS, headaches or muscle tension?

Do you get a sore neck, shoulder or back from hours spent at a computer?

Are you finding that sitting at your desk gives you pain and discomfort?

Then the Feldenkrais® approach may be the solution for you.

My Dynamic Sitting lessons show you how to:

  • Relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Prevent chronic pain, OOS and migraines.
  • Learn better and more efficient work habits in sitting.

The key to working efficiently is finding ‘dynamic balance’. And the key to dynamic balance in sitting-based work is developing good sitting habits. Sitting should, in theory, be easy. But for many people sitting is hard work. This is because although they may have a good chair and the desk and monitor are at the right height they have not learnt the principles of good sitting.

In my weekly Dynamic Sitting classes I teach you how to sit well and work in comfort.

To Book In for the Next Dynamic Sitting Class:

Simply phone Alan on 027 697 3854 or 04 476 6532 or

Email alan@movewell-livewell.nz.

Learn More | The 2 Key Principles of Good Sitting

Sitting is an activity – not a posture!

  • Habits involve learning – much like learning to ride a bike. Once you learn something your brain embeds this learning and then you don’t have to think about it. In this way you develop habits – both good and bad.
  • When someone tells you to sit ‘up’, you will adopt a ‘good’ posture for 2 seconds but you will not be able to maintain it if you do not have a habit of sitting well.
  • Good sitting allows free movement in any direction. You can check it out now. Without altering your posture – Can you turn left and right with ease? Can you breathe freely when you turn left and right?

Your skeleton should do the main work of keeping you upright – not your muscles!

  • Proper skeletal support uses less energy to stay upright and reduces stress on your structure. This lets you to do the things you want to do and for longer.

Check Out Your Skeletal Support Now…

  • Are both your feet flat on the floor? (no high heels!)
  • Are you sitting evenly on both buttocks? Sitting unevenly over one hip causes a lot of strain. When the weight of the body is evenly distributed through the ‘sitting bones’, the back doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you upright.
  • Is your lower back rounded or slightly arched? A slightly arched lower back offers good support.
  • Are you leaning back in your chair or sitting forward? When you sit upright your spine and your strong back muscles are able to support you better.
  • Whichever way you need to move in sitting – backwards or forwards or sideways – it should be easy, supported and be a fully integrated action.