Linda Sutherland at Tile Trends on Marion St is ticking off the days to the 5th of November and the New York Marathon. It’s been on her bucket list for ever, she says. Linda’s determined to be FIT and FIFTY. You may have guessed it – Linda turns 50 on the 9th of November so the Marathon is her early birthday party and all New York is invited!

Linda’s had lots of back and ankle issues. It was painful getting up first thing in the mornings and walking downstairs. Frustrating for someone who’s a competitive sportsperson and loves a challenge.

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“I needed a big picture solution,” Linda says. “Something that dealt with my whole body, not just the bits that hurt”. And that’s what most appealed to her about the Feldenkrais Method® – that it does look at the big picture and involves the brain.

In preparation for New York, Linda’s already had several individual sessions with Alan, a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.®  “I feel a difference within 24 hours of each session with Alan. It takes a week to process the change. Then the following week it settles in and I’m wow-ed by the difference it makes.”

Linda is delighted with the results of working with Alan. “It’s now easier to run, bend, pick up things, lean over and get something. My muscles are not as tight and my lower leg feels stronger. I feel a whole lot straighter! And I don’t have that deep ache anymore.”

She’s so looking forward to her Big Day in the Big Apple. And we’re delighted and excited too. You go girl! We’ll be cheering for you here in Wellington.

  • Gillian Cameron, October 2017

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