Client Testimonials

Sheila, Wellington, Individual Sessions

I had been experiencing benign positional vertigo that had remained unchanged for several months. I could keep going with my normal life, but could not lie down on my back without the world swimming around in nauseating fashion. I slept with two pillows, careful to stay on my left side, and at Feldenkrais classes, had my head propped on three folded blankets when lying on my back.

Alan suggested an individual session. We started with me lying on my back having the usual head support. Alan worked on connecting my whole structure. At the end he carefully turned my head from side to side, then slid out one blanket. I waited for the spinning to start but no, all was well. Another blanket disappeared and then the third – I was flat on my back and the vertigo had gone.

I said Alan had performed a miracle – he said he had provided the conditions for the body to heal itself. All I know is, if the vertigo does come back, I’ll skip the doctor and the neurologist and go back for another session.

Honor, Wellington, Individual Sessions

After her first session for a frozen shoulder and related arm fracture recovery, Honor observed: “I am amazingly transformed, and the change has lasted until now, so I am hoping it will continue.” A month later, after a second session, she explained: “I don’t think I told you that when I drove into Wellington airport on Sunday evening, both hands automatically assumed the same position on the steering wheel, where as previously the left (affected) hand locked into a different position. This remained throughout the journey and also on the way home, with no postural slumping, and to my surprise, continued on Tuesday when I again drove into Wellington. I am now unable to assume the previous abnormal posture. I simply don’t know what it is that I was doing (and am not trying at all to re-invent it) Amazing!”

Mark Frampton, Karori, Individual Sessions

I went to Alan in the first place as I had chronic pain in my arms, neck and back when sitting at my desk. I thought the blame lay with my computer, mouse and chair set up. How wrong! Alan takes that all away and focusses purely on how you should be sitting correctly in order to put as little stress on your body as possible, and allow for best movement. I learnt your work station works around you, and your body is the most important environment of all. Learning how to sit properly over a couple of sessions has improved my experience immensely. The results have been fantastic with the pain going away almost instantaneously. I can highly recommend Alan for the work he does with the Feldenkrais Method.

Barbara Stet, Individual Sessions

I had been suffering with a sore back for many years. I would wake through the night in pain and the need to reposition myself to relieve the pain in order to return to sleep. Alan as a Feldenkrais practitioner has been instrumental in assisting me to repair the overstretched muscles supporting my spine resulting in complete resolution of all the pain. Through his meticulous assessment of my posture and how I move he has taught me how to sit properly and given me a set of supportive exercises which have allowed my back to heal completely. Thank you, Alan.

Shona O’Brien, Individual Sessions
I had neck pain and was unable to turn my neck. The pain in my neck was affecting everything I did. After my sessions with Alan I felt taller and lighter and no pain. I know now which way I should sit and what exercises to do. I am so pleased to have found Alan. He has made me pain free.

Martyn Dudley, Individual Sessions

I went to see Alan upon a friend’s recommendation. I have had sustained back issues since I was 15 and all previous treatments just treated the symptoms not the cause. In particular my drooping right shoulder, lower back and neck. These problems had been with me most of my life and were exaggerated by sport. My aim was to try and get to the root cause and attempt to work on it that way. Since having my sessions with Alan I have noticed that my shoulders are now more balanced, my back has gained back a lot of its flexibility and that I am having less pain in my neck. From my sessions I have learnt to slow down and pay attention to how I am sitting, walking etc. When I have problems I try out the different strategies Alan has given me and find which ones are helpful. I still continue to go to Alan and I am amazed that with a focus on rewiring my body it is helping reduce the long term pain and bad posture I have put up with for over 30 years.

Elizabeth Bradford, Individual Sessions

When I first came to see Alan my body alignment was twisted, I had pains in my back and limbs, and in retrospect, my nervous system was hyperactive. I had difficulties in walking, gardening, getting up and down, and other movements. After my sessions, my body is now more or less in a correct alignment. I sometimes feel taller, I am freer in my chest, and I am more aware of how my body is functioning. Since working with Alan, I have learnt to pay attention to how I am sitting, walking, moving in other ways, and lying down. I try to think about ‘how’ I am performing movements that cause difficulties. I can walk more easily for short distances on the flat, but I still cannot garden easily, and still have pain. I have realised that I have to take responsibility and train my brain to consciously direct body movements before I can move freely again. I’m aware that I need to use my limbs even when it hurts somewhat as they have become less useful through lack of use.

Sheila, Wellington, Group Classes

Going to Alan’s Feldenkrais classes has helped me realise how important it is to keep the whole body balanced and in alignment. If I favour one joint or limb, it throws my whole structure out and stresses it. I’ve had so much less pain and discomfort since I started classes.

Garth England, Karori, Group Classes
In my 90th year I have found Alan’s classes have helped me to keep active and enjoying life.